What We Believe

We believe that God Loves

God is love, power, and splendor—and God is a mystery.
His ways are far beyond us, but He still reaches out to us.
God is infinite yet intimate, three yet one, all-knowing yet

We believe that God Creates

From neurons to nebulae, DNA to distant galaxies, we are s
urrounded by wonder.

We believe that God Redeems

Love. Harmony. Perfection. Once, all creation sang the same
glorious song.

We believe that God Inhabits

Jesus left His followers with an epic mission: tell the world
of His love and His promise to return. Also, they should love
people the way He loved them.

We believe that God Transforms

God’s law in the Ten Commandments show us how to live
and make clear our need for Jesus. Though the law shows
us the path to follow and convicts us of sin, it’s about far
more than just toeing the line.

We believe that God Triumphs

From the Garden of Eden to the Tower of Babel, the destruction
of Sodom to the Exodus from Egypt, God has always investigated
before taking action.